About Us

Golchin is a family owned and operated business originally founded in 1984 by Youssef Melamed and his partner, and has been a highly regarded food distributor, servicing the food needs of ethnic and Middle Eastern markets in select states in the US and Canada. In 2008, Golchin restructured its ownership in an effort to expand its resources and its ability to continue to provide quality products to its loyal customers.

Golchin's headquarters have been located in the heart of San Fernando Valley in Southern California for more than 30 years. Golchin has moved to Vernon California in 2015. The name "Golchin" is derived from the Farsi word that literally means "the best flower" or "best of the best." In keeping with its name, Golchin prides itself in hand selecting "the best of the best" food products, not only from Iran, but from all over the world, including countries in Europe, Asia and the Middle East such as India, Turkey and Israel.

Golchin's fine food products are imported to its distribution center and are then delivered to fine local markets in select states in the United States and Canada. Please visit our Products (link) page to learn more about the wide variety of foods, oils, and seasonings we offer.

In continuing with its commitment to growth and expansion, Golchin recently relocated its headquarters and distribution center to Vernon California. With its now state of the art headquarters and expanded facilities, Golchin is in a position to not only continue distributing its products to its loyal and devoted small, local, and community markets, but to introduce "the best of the best" products to national supermarket chains as well more cities and communities all over the United States and Canada.

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