Balsamic Artichoke


Artichoke! Here is how to prep, cook and eat it!

šŸ“ŒFeatured GOLCHIN products:

-Balsamic VinegarĀ 

-Extra Virgin First Cold Pressed Olive Oil

-Fresh ground pepper

-Freshly ground Himalayan pink salt

-Table salt


šŸ“ŒOther ingredients:


-Boiling water

-Optional: Tarter sauceĀ 



  1. Peel of bottom leaves that tend to not have ā€œmeatā€ on them and be darker in color
  2. Cut 2/3 of artichoke stem
  3. Trim tops of each remaining leaf
  4. Spread out leaves with hands
  5. Rinse well
  6. Boil water
  7. Drop artichoke in face down
  8. Add 3 teaspoons table salt
  9. Close lid
  10. After few mins, lower heatĀ 
  11. Artichoke should be ready in about 10-15 mins
  12. You know itā€™s done when a leaf pulls of easilyĀ 
  13. Top with extra virgin cold pressed olive oil, fresh ground pepper, Himalayan pink salt (optional), balsamic vinegarĀ 
  14. Optional dipping sauce: mix your choice of tarter sauce (not carried by Golchin) with Golchin balsamic vinegar and fresh ground pepper

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